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Get to Know Us

Thank you for visiting our website. I am Tonia, and I established Oodles of Doodles, NC in 2019 and later changed our brand to "The Dood House."  I am a graduate of Guilford College with a degree in Management.  My profession is as a Career Development Counselor at South Davidson High School. 

In 2017, I adopted  a two year old Standard Poodle named Jasper, and instantly fell in love.  His protective, goofy but intelligent personality won my heart.  Two years later, I received the perfect Christmas gift from my daughter, an 8 week old Moyen Poodle.  A breeder friend and I at school instantly bonded over our love of doodles. That is how Oodles of Doodles and later The Dood House was formed. Since then,  I have welcomed countless families into our doodle family. Our families have traveled from South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, New York and of course all throughout North Carolina to become a member of our doodle family.  Once joining our family, you will have a lifelong resource from The Doodle House.

 Welcome to The Dood House.

Your pawtner,

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We understand that you have a choice of breeders.  However, all breeders will not deliver the same value of quality.  Don't be fooled by scam ads and nonethical breeders offering bait pricing.  A reputable breeder will DNA and health test their Doodle parents.  This allows us to only breed healthy parents while avoiding breed related genetic issues with our puppies. You are making an investment into your family for the next decade or beyond. While puppies are cute when small, remember that as they age genetics will play a key role in their physical ability and temperament.  At The Dood House, we take the guess work out of it for you.

Our Location

We are located in a small rural town in the Piedmont Triad of NC.  We are between Charlotte and Greensboro.  Approximately 50 minutes from each.



  • We raise our pups inside of our home.  

  • Our pups enjoy their very own  Dood House. The Dood House is fully air conditioned and heated. Our doods are introduced to play and socialization along with quiet time complete with classical music as part of our program.

  • Our pups are never placed outside unless for play. 

  • No dirty kennels or exposure to disease.

  • Facetime visits at the initial deposit and 4 week puppy picks.

  • Weekly video/picture updates.

  • Before the pups join their furever homes:

    • They have begun potty training,

    • Received socialization, grooming and desensitization,

    • Visited the vet for a full check up,

    • Up to date on vaccinations along with deworming.

  • All pups go home with a goody bag which includes their own scented blanket.


health testing

All of or puppy parents have been Embark DNA tested for over 242 genetic health conditions and have been cleared of these potential health risks.  We also provide the first 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance to each of our pups. Pups are also microchipped before going home.

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All pups come with limited AKC and/or CKC  registration.  Some pups come with both.


Our program has been awarded "Good Breeder" designation from Good Dog for our ethical and responsible breeding practices.

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breeding program

bas ass breeder

We use the Bad A$$ Breeding Program created by Jeanette Forrey.  This is a vetted program that has been proven to empower puppies.  We begin ENS (early neurological stimulation) at three days old. This is performed for two weeks. Examples include gentle handling and daily weights. ENS is known to improve cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease.  From weeks 3-8 we begin socializing our puppies. We introduce exercise and stimulation that uses the puppies different senses and increases their social behavior. We believe in the BAB belief of empowering our pups rather than enabling them. Our goal is to build our pups  confidence as well as problem solving skills. When you receive your pup, it is evident they were trained using the BAB method.

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