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Oodles of Doodles parents

Meet penny layne

Penny is an F1B Mini  Goldendoodle.  She has received her Embark clearances and is a new Mom to be for our 2024 program.  Penny weighs 21 lbs and is the sweetest dood.  She enjoys catching balls and chasing squirrels.  Penny Layne is expecting pups in 2024.  

Penny Embark Results

IMG_2600_jpg (1).JPG

Meet sir peter parker

Parker is an F1B Red Mini Goldendoodle.  His parents are 14 and 20 lbs.  Parker is 21 lbs.  Parker honeymooned with Penny Layne and we expect pups in August of 2024. Parker has been health tested and cleared.  He scored a 10/10 for red intensity, full furnishings and wavy hair. We expect Parker and Penny to produce solid red and abstract Goldendoods.  If you would like to join the waitlist, please click below.

Standard Poodle mom Piper

Meet Piper

Princess Piper is our newest Oodles of Doodles, NC mom.  Piper has the best disposition.  She loves to play and is an excellent mother. She is an AKC and CKC registered Standard Poodle. She has been Embark genetic tested and is cleared for any breed related conditions. She has a rare vibrant red coat scoring a 10/10 and beautiful furnishings.  She and Tucker are expecting pups in July of 2024.


Meet tucker

Tucker is  a red Standard Goldendoodle.  Tucker is a proven sire and has fathered several of our litters.  He has been genetically tested and cleared of all breed related issues. Tucker is a stud from an outstanding outside breeder.  He works on a farm and has the perfect Golden Retriever as well as Poodle qualities.  He has a coat color of a 10/10 that produces those beautiful and rare red Goldendoodles.  We expect a litter of pups from Piper and Tucker available in July.  Pictured below is a litter from Piper and Tucker.

Meet Lady Pup

Lady Pup is our Oodles of Doodles veteran mom.  She is CKC registered and Embark tested.  She is a small standard poodle.  She has produced beautiful, healthy litters.  She produces stunning red, black and apricot coat colors.  She is the OG of the Oodles of Doodles and the Dood House family.  We are forever grateful for Lady Pup and the legacy she has established at Oodles of Doodles NC.

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