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Summer 2024
standard Goldendoodles Available


Standard:  $2000


Parti/Abstract/Tuxedo, Red Minis:  $2500

(A $100 discount is given to our repeat customers and multi pup customers.Only one discount per pup.)

*We are now accepting deposits for our summer and winter Mini /Standard GoldenDoodle litters. Make your deposit now for your pick of our upcoming Doodle litters.


Reputable Breeding Practices

Goldendoodles can greatly vary in price.  The difference is typically between genetic testing and temperament testing. Those breeders that do not test, do not incur the same costs as those that do test.  What this means for potential puppy parents is that you are purchasing a puppy that could have major health issues as it ages.  This dog breed is prone to Glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Von Willebrand Disease and Addison's Disease.    At the Dood House, we breed for healthy, full quality pets.  As part of our program, all litter parents are Embark Genetic tested for health. Our puppy parents do not have to worry about future genetic issues which are costly and devastating.  Reputable breeders also temperament test their dogs. All of our Doodle pups are socialized and receive Early Neurological Stimulation training. Our pups are raised in our home and are known for their quick potty training and easy socialization with their families.  We provide a comprehensive program that  creates happy pups with excellent temperaments that in return creates a valuable investment for our families. In addition, pups include the following:

  • vet checked,

  • vaccines,

  • CKC registration

  • microchip

  • 1st 30 days free of Trupanion pet insurance

  • Temperament and socialization testing

  • Go home goody bag.

Please read the outlined steps below for becoming part of the Dood House  family.



Complete the Google Form.

After you submit the application, please email me to let me know it was submitted (


I will reach out via text and/or email and arrange a time to discuss our program and answer questions you might have for me.  If we decide to move forward, you will then pay a deposit to be placed on the wait list. If it is  prior to confirmed pregnancy, the deposit is $250.  Once pregnancy is confirmed, you will pay an additional deposit of $250 within one week of the pregnancy announcement.  If you submit your application after pregnancy confirmation, you will submit a $500 deposit.  (Deposits applied to final balance.)


Deposits are paid via Zelle. I can send you a request or if you know how to use Zelle, you may send to me.  (Info below) If local, you may pay in cash.

When sending to Zelle: 

Use 3363090514 phone number

(Tonia Holt).



Pick your pup

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, I will notify those that have completed applications AND paid deposits.  (If for the unlikely situation that the dam does not conceive, the deposit will be moved to the next mating.) Once the pups are born, I will share weekly pictures and videos of the litter.  Once the pups turn (5) weeks old, I will schedule a Facetime visit with each family and start the picking process. If you prefer to pick in person, we will arrange a time.  Please advise I only allow (2) people at this visit.  I prefer no distractions during this time and you will only be allowed in the lobby area of the Dood House.  The whelping area is only for the moms and pups.  Due to potential viruses for newborn pups, I am very strict about this process.


Gotcha Day

Pups will be vet checked at six weeks old.  I will contact you after the vet check to confirm your pick up time and date. I will continue to send pictures and videos each week.   While I realize this is an exciting time for the family, I still only allow two people in the Dood House.  If others are with you, I ask they stay in the car.  Again, the pups are not fully immunized and I need to protect the litter.  At the pick up, you will receive a folder with a printed copy of the digital application that you sent prior to the deposit.  I will ask you to sign it and I will sign it as well.  You will also receive the registration papers, vet notes and a goody bag for your pup. The remainder of your balance will be due in the  form of cash payment.

puppy Delivery

We do not ship our puppies in cargo, but we do hand deliver.

Pups that require travel will need full payment at week 4 using zelle.

Cost to deliver by car or meet you at the airport (Charlotte Douglas or Piedmont Triad International)

  •   30 miles roundtrip-free

  •   $200 to meet at airport 

  •   $100 to meet within 60 miles  roundtrip from The Dood House

  •   Beyond 120 miles:  Fee depends on location, time of year, etc.  

Cost for airline delivery

  • Typical delivery fee is $800.  (The cost will be airfare for 1 person + airline pet fee + $250 travel fee.) *

  • We will hand deliver to you at baggage claim in the airport.

  • Pup will be on the plane with us and never in cargo.

*We do our very best to keep delivery fees to a minimum.  The airline delivery costs all depend upon time of year, etc.

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