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A word from our Doodle family

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Katie G.

"I cannot recommend Oodles of Doodles enough.  This boy has brought new life to our house."


Kelly P.

We made it home.  She did so good riding in the car.  We decided to name her Milly.  She is adjusting well!  She is so playful and loving!!! We are so in love with her!

Kathleen C.

"A very, very happy family today.  They are in love.  Already taking care of him like he has been here forever.  So happy we pulled it off.  ....Our oldest said oh next year Santa will bring him a friend.


Emily H.

"We got our girl dood from Tonia and she’s been such a good pup! She’s learned her name, crate training was so easy and her potty training is going better than imagined. She so sweet and has such a funny personality! She loves her human siblings and they love her!! I would recommend Oodles of doodles to anyone!!


Sammi W.

"Such a good pup.  I highly recommend these puppy parents. I can't tell you how much we love little Sophie, aka Dolly-The Legend.
(Mini Doods)

Rochelle H.

"The kids love playing with him and as soon as they are done he lays right down and just chills.  Sleeping well in his crate at night, doesn't cry unless he needs to go potty.....


Tonya P.

"We are so happy we found a home with Tonia and her pups.  We've had an exciting year loving and being loved by the light of our life and we love her tremendously.  Thanks Oodles of Doodles for our baby girl.


Crystal T.

"I would recommend Oodles of Doodles 110%. Our sweet furbaby (Pyper) is so loved by everyone.Tonia was so easy to work with, she even let us come pick up our furbaby on Christmas Eve (the coldest day on record in North Carolina). We look forward to getting another doodle from Oodles of Doodles in the future. 


Kelly H.

I am so grateful I found Tonia. My Kevyn has been a blessing to me and to everyone who knows him. He's such an amazing character and might I say handsome!!


Emily H.

"We’ve had our “doodette” for only a few weeks but she has quickly
become the missing piece of our family we didn’t know we needed. She is as sweet as can be with a fantastic temperament, and has picked up potty training so quickly. We waited for her for a long time and Oodles of Doodles was so helpful, answering all our questions and showing us our doodette as she grew and got ready to come to us. Would absolutely recommend Oodles of Doodles to anyone looking for a wonderful dood to add to their family.

Sydney H.

"I recommend oodles of doodles 1000%! One of the best decisions we made this year was getting our dog Henry from her! He is so sweet, special, and handsome. Thanks oodles of doodles.


2020 Litter

"Good morning.  I just wanted to show you an update on Griffy.  We got him last year from you.  We love him so much and he is the smartest sweetest dog. I wanted you to know that he is loved and spoiled rotten.


Jason M.

"Thank you very much Tonia.  I love her.  She is spoiled to death."


Alecia Y.

Our hearts grew a little bigger.  We love him so much already.


Allyson F.

"He is perfect, thank you so much again!"


Angela S.

"This is Luna and Baylee. They are from your 2020 litter.  They are the sweetest, most perfect addition to our family.  So glad we found Oodles of Doodles and these sweet girls.

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