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Are you forreal: The truth about scammers?

Social media is a valuable tool in the breeding business. However, there are unscrupulous people out there that use social media platforms to scam potential puppy parents. They will even use our information to scam potential buyers. This makes it incredibly difficult for a small business owner to conduct business. I have educated myself on how to help buyers spot a fake. Here are some tips:

  1. Check for referrals and/or recommendations. Previous clients are the best way to prove authenticity. These are typically on the breeders social media and web page. Word of mouth is our best advertising.

  2. Reputable breeders offer Facetime and other ways to communicate live that might not be in person.

  3. Beware of stock photos from the internet.

  4. Cross reference: I am a small breeder. I am a career counselor at South Davidson Middle High School. You may find my information and pictures on the school's website as well as my business web page. This is a way of proving who I am.

  5. Reputable breeders will spend time answering your questions. Scam artists are not educated enough in the industry to understand how to answer and will push for a deposit quickly. I take the time to get to know my potential clients because I want to make suremy puppies are placed in the best homes.


Has it happened to you when looking for a puppy?

  • Yes...Over and over I have encountered scammers.

  • Not sure...I contacted some breeders & something was off

  • No...All the breeder(s) I have contacted were legit.

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