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Fall is in the air

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

There is nothing like this time of year for me. The hot summer is winding down and the crisp of fall air can be felt. The colorful leaves are falling to the ground like snowflakes creating a doodle playground in our backyard. We are anxiously awaiting the fall litter to arrive at Oodles of Doodles and the Dood House. Soon, in November, Piper and Tucker will have their first standard Goldendoodle litter. Piper is a beautiful 10/10 intense red Standard Poodle and Tucker is a handsome 10/10 red Goldendoodle. I always get anxious wondering how many pups we will have and what each one will look like: Mom or Dad. In this case, the advancement of genetic testing gives us our answer with coat color and health. Piper has her vet well check scheduled for next week, and we should get an idea on the number of little doods. We are always anxious to meet their little faces and watch them grow into little doods and doodettes. Meanwhile, Piper is doing very well and starting to show. Her lean mid section is beginning to fill out, and her growing appetite has greatly increased.

As the puppy countdown approaches, we will keep you informed. Feel free to like us on Instagram and Facebook for lots of photos. If you are interested in giving the pawfect gift this season, feel free to reach out. I am sure you will find the perfect dood for your family at Oodles of Doodles and the Dood House.

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