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It seems like doodle breeders have popped up everywhere post Covid. Have you wondered why some are priced incredibly low and others seem to be more of an investment? Unfortunately, there are folks who simply should not be in the business. Raising puppies the responsible and ethical way is NO easy task. Responsible breeders are working to better the breed. One such way is by genetic testing the moms and dads in their programs. Breeders offering lower pricing typically are not genetic testing or confirming that pups will be clear of genetic issues. While the price might seem tempting when searching for your canine companion, remember that your pup will become part of your family for years to come. If the pup has genetic diseases later, it will cost you in the long run. Responsible breeders are providing premium nutrition, grooming and providing maintenance to their dogs. Even more so, we make sure that the parents are in optimum condition. When pups are born, we have them vet checked and provide vaccines. We inform you of their progress along the way. We provide after support for your pup. We provide crate training and potty training early, so your life is seamless when you take your puppy home. Recently, a client messaged me that her vet was impressed by the behavior of her dog. "He was such a good boy, never nipped even when they plucked his ears...took his shots like a champ....the vet commented pups never sit that well and he never even barked." This is a direct result of using our puppy curriculum. It also is a result of working daily with our pups and providing inside training rather than just allowing our pups to run loose in an outside kennel. Reputable breeders should be doing all of these things. On top of that, we schedule our vacations around matings and deliveries. We pay top dollar for proven studs and moms in optimum health. We also pay for top of the line care for our moms and dads when we are out of town. We often miss out on life events like birthday parties and holiday gatherings. I make it a point to be there for my clients whether at Christmas, in the summer or any other time that might best for their schedules. So, if you are browsing our website and looking to purchase an Oodles of Doodles and the Dood House puppy, understand that your puppy will be cared for and loved as our own. Take a look at our recommendations on Facebook or our client testimonials on our website, they speak for themselves. Get off that fence and become a part of our family. We would love to have you!

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